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Blackfire from teen titans go

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Blackfire badly hurt and exhausted from her little sisters vengeful onslaught. Butt, she escaped prison and visited starfire at titans tower, saying that her only intent was that she just wanted to see her baby sister. Starfire brings blackfire in, and tells the other titans of her visit, much to their objection. Blackfire is a major recurring antagonist from teen titans go. She is the malicious older sister of starfire and the heir to the throne as the princess of tamaran. Blackfire has somewhat of an unmotivated hatred for starfire, which can best be assumed to be fueled by either some kind of inferiority complex or a pathological need to be better than her. After getting into trouble with the galactic police again, blackfire seeks refuge with her little sister, starfire. After starfire gave blackfire delighted hugs, she introduced blackfire to the rest of the titans, who took an immediate disliking to her. After having blackfire flirt with him, robin pulls starfire into the kitchen, and angrily.   all rights to cartoon network & dc comicsi do not own anythingteen titans go,teen titans theme,teen titans go full episodes,teen titans go vs teen titans,tee.

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