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Delaware black and white tags

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The delaware historic plate company - home of the delaware black tag. Welcome to the new home of the delaware historic plate company, authorized manufacturer of delaware black & white porcelain and stainless steel license plates, also known locally as delaware black tags - your source for black & white delaware license plates since 1991. The license plate with a black background, stainless steel numbers and the word delaware embossed is authorized. The license plate with a black background numbers covered with white reflective sheeting and the word delaware embossed is authorized. Where license plates are sold for outrageous numbers and are also seen as an investment.   delaware allows you to have a black tag instead of the standard blue and gold tag if your number is low enough, and theres a distinct look to those black tags. Lawyer details the following is the division of motor vehicles of the state of delaware policy regarding black and white license plates. We follow these regulations precisely to insure that our license plates are fully legal and exact reproductions of the original issue tags. Delaware tag traders is the number one site to buy or sell live delaware license plates. Our affiliation with emmert auction associates, who has set every major record for tag prices including both delaware tags 6 (675,000) and 9 (375,000) gives us access to thousands of customers looking to buy or sell today. Over 1000 tags available to choose from, take your time go through all the lists and decide which would look best on your vehicle.   white on black with border line del 23 at right 12-345 1 to approximately 25-000. This is a novelty reproduction of the classy black delaware porcelain auto tag. Our delaware vintage tag reproduction is the modern standard license plate size (the original tags were smaller than 6x12). Note there are 2 styles to choose from! See the pictures for more details.

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