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Anime girl with black hair

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Her black hair is one of the strongest reminders of what sunohara originally looked like before dying his hair. A worrywart and a busybody, she often sniffs around for any activity that her friends or her brother might be into, and tries to do something to help them. She has a very stereotypically cute demeanor thats almost impossible to resist.   homura akemi is a fictional character from the 2011 anime series puella magi madoka magica. She has an important role as she is known as the mysterious magical girl who has her own unique powers. Black anime hair and pigtails look like a dream team combo, wouldnt you agree?   mikasa ackerman is the top anime girl with black hair because shes fearless, shes sensible, and shes like the secret protagonist of the attack on titan series. I mean, shes pretty much hermione to harry potter when it comes to eren jaeger without the love life bit, obviously. If you dont believe you will definitely change your mind after i show you these 21 anime girls with black hair that make you love anime for sure.   black hair anime girls are some of the most common of the bunch but they do come in such a wide variety. Im sure we all can agree on one thing that in almost every show, black-haired waifus have managed to steal the show at-least once or twice. Here are some of my favorite anime girls with black hair from my long journey of watching anime.

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