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The black balloon

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All thomas wants is a normal adolescence but his autistic brother, charlie, thwarts his every opportunity. Thomas and jackies friendship, blossoming into a chaste romance, is the dramatic engine that powers the black balloon, but its far from the most important relationship in the film.   subscribe to exclusive media for all the latest trailers and movie clips httpbit. Ly1m2irilwhen thomas and his family move to a new home and he has to sta. His dads in the army and theyve just moved to a town in new south wales his mom is pregnant his older brother, charlie, whos autistic, has his own adolescent sexual issues. Thomas finds charlie an embarrassment in public, so when thomas is attracted to jackie, a girl in his swim class.   two significant characters in the black balloon are brothers, charlie and thomas mollison. Their relationship is certainly challenged at times, as thomas struggles to come to terms with charlies autism. The theme of brotherhood associates with the simultaneous theme of acceptance, as the absence of this quality impacted the brotherhood between.   the black balloon explores the impact of prejudice due to different family dynamics, as well as the inner conflict one can have between defending their own family, and being socially accepted in their community. Furthermore, down highlights the difficulties brought forward from judging your own family thomas wanting nothing to do with charlie. It wont be a kiddie party with balloons as it is like a romantic dinner without a candle. When you are up high during the hot air balloon festival, better make sure the balloon does not burst or you never know where you are going to land. It is important to make sure you are safe since you are with the love of your life up. The black balloon movie (2007) is indeed an award winning film that features how autism has affected one military family. Throughout the movie, the family struggles to control both the physical and psychological trauma associated with autism. In addition, attention deficit disorder (add) is also affecting charlie who is the victim of circumstances in this movie.

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