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Black muscle worship

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My first post so i decided to make my pics free! Let me know what you like! I love it when guys love my muscles. I sell my used underwear worn in photoshoots and i can customize for you as well. Gay muscle worship is no different than any other form of muscle worship. The clinical name of this activity is sthenolagnia a ten-dollar term for getting aroused by a persons muscles. This is a true story of my introduction to muscle worship!i hope that you enjoy it and please subscribe for more amazing muscle content! Please subscribe to. After a serious workout, clark returns home, all sweaty and pumped up. He shouldve taken a shower but i had to get to feel those massive muscles right then and there! The massive pecs are simply phenomenal, such rich muscle fibre hiding under the smooth skin. Okay guys, i have convinced one of my friends to consider meet ups for muscle worshipdominationroleplay for my fellow forum members. Hes about 6 foot 180 of rock hard solid good looking muscle perfection. His humongous body cries out for attention, as he slowly strips down from shorts and tank top. He gets high of his own manscent, smelling his clothes as he discards them. The rose brothers -freeky lover (rip etcut)muscle shoals sound rec 85. The rose brothers -wall to wall freaks (rip etcut)muscle shoals sound rec 85. The rose brothers -burglar (rip etcut)muscle shoals sound rec 85. Muscle flex video downloads from the hottest bodybuilders - muscle video downloads, muscle worship, fantasy flexing, custom videos, camshows and more. A blog solely intended to showcase and to celebrate our gorgeous brothers of african descent in all splendor and assortments. This blog is not your typical x-rated blog, but one that is engineered to inspire, to motivate, and to cultivate a positive culture with regard to dark skinned men.

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