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Blackened duck breast

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  at the k lub, blackened duck was an everyday menu item that even had local competition trying to start their own version of it. We have recently resurrected this classic for a limited time and will offer cajun blackened duck breast as an appetizer. The difficult part of serving duck is that often people are not familiar with this type of meat. Melt a stick of butter & half bottle of paul perdone blackening seasoning all in a gallon ziplock bag & marinate for 24 hours on fridg. This week, our chefs are cooking up an old favorite blackened duck breast. Now, i wish i could say im dating myself a bit by referencing this former staple of the kickapoo club, b ut the reality is, i dont think i was even alive when that place was open. Spicy blackening mix ingredients put all the ingredients into a container that has a wide mouth and a tight lid. Add all the spices together gently so as not to raise a cloud! Put the lid on your container and shake briskly. You can just use what you need and leave the rest in the jar. Whats up yall, hope you all enjoyed the festive season! I got something special for you and this one is sure to be a hit at home. This blackened duck breast from duck fan donna tillman bardocz features spicy goodness from her own blend of seasonings. Blackened duck breast dinner blackened, farm-raised duck breast served with barbeque bearnaise sauce.

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