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Mmf interracial with one submissive girl in mercy of rough fuckers. Interracial anal ramming with hot brunette choking on a big dick. White beauty sucks big black shaft and takes it in her butthole. Jacobs was the first black woman to write a slave narrative in 1861. Initially, the book was ascribed to lydia maria child a white abolitionist. It was only 30 years ago when research showed that the book was written by a woman slave. This book provides insight and depth into the sexual exploitation of black women during slavery. This is a mature, attractive, intelligent woman explaining why the majority of white women are drawn to or fantasize about black men. Because when white women mix with black men, their offspring dont look anything white. Even when their kids grow up and reproduce with a white person, they still wont look white. The thought of white people going extinct one day while you other fuckers get to thrive doesnt sit well with most people.

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