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Census and interracial relationships

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  marriage looks a lot different today in many ways than in years past. As our nation becomes more racially and ethnically diverse, so are married couples. The percentage of married-couple households that are interracial or interethnic grew across the united states from 7. Census bureau today released a 2010 census brief, households and families 2010, that showed interracial or interethnic opposite-sex married couple households grew by 28 percent over the decade from 7 percent in 2000 to 10 percent in 2010.   interracial marriage statistics and census show that 49 of democrats believe that interracial marriage is beneficial for society. Inter-ethnic relationships in england and wales rose by two percentage points between 20 (7 in 2001 to 9 in 2011). The pattern of people in inter-ethnic relationships across the ethnic groups for 20 was broadly similar.   interracial relationships and marriages are becoming more common in the united states, according to a new cornell university study. The number of interracial marriages involving whites, blacks and hispanics each year in the united states has jumped tenfold since the 1960s, but the older individuals are, the less likely they are to partner with.

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