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Court cases interracial marriages

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Virginia was a supreme court case that struck down state laws banning interracial marriage in the united states.   their case resulted in the landmark 1967 supreme court ruling that declared unconstitutional state laws banning mixed-race marriage.   the courts ruling in a unanimous 9-0 ruling, the court struck down 798. The court also potentially opened the door to full legalization of interracial marriage by remarking that the 1883 pace v.   the court cases most frequently cited by these writers are loving v. Supreme court case that declared interracial marriage bans unconstitutional, and perez v. Sharp (1948), a california supreme court case that did the same in relation to its state constitution.   those who oppose interracial marriage are increasingly in the minority. Today, public approval for interracial marriage has reached an alltime high, and among young people approval is the highest. As pollster frank newport reported for gallup in a july 25, 2013 article, interracial marriages are widely approved of by americans today.   today is loving day, a holiday that celebrates the anniversary of loving v virginia, the supreme court case which declared interracial marriage legal across the us.

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