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Interracial dating marriage is wrong

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4) white parents will often dis-own a child who enters into an inter-racial relationship. They are in fact despised by the general public of both races. 5) when an interracial baby is conceived, a white family line, thousands of years old, has instantly ceased to exist. The problem with this is that were not dumping all the red and the blue in the world together. In fact, were doing a fantastic job of conserving our racial genetics. The various human ethnicities are able to communicate and mate with each other even though there a some barriers such as language, culture, way of thought, behaviours and attitudes. Farrakhan says the mosthighgod dont believe in interracialmarriage in the bible. Interracial marriage is wrong because racial miscegenation is wrong. The issue in this instance is that intermarriage pushed people towards idolatry.

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