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Interracial relationships in media

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  a study published in the pepperdine journal of publication research found that interracial relationships are often portrayed on television as less intimate than same race relationships. Perhaps this trend has played into interracial couples feeling pressured to tone down public displays of affection.   interracial relationships in the media the power of media mass media representations of interracial relationships are one way those relationships are racialized in the american society a dominant ideology is produced the images produced are not only a reflection of dominant. Interracial relationships give people a chance to constantly learn more, be exposed to new ways of thinking, embrace different cultures, and get a new perspective. In addition, these relationships cause people to deviate from their ideologies a very important aspect, since they arent aware of their ideologies until they look at them from the outside. Help further an understanding and create awareness of the portrayal of interracial relationships in media. The portrayal of minorities and interracial interactions on television may have a strong influence on audiences.   interracial couples more common in media multi-ethnic couples appear frequently on tv and in other media genres -- but do those hollywood-based relationships. Although, interracial relationships are on the rise in the media, in reality there is still discrimination and hate that interracial couples may face. Television shows often expose mixed race couples as not facing any discrimination in communities.

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