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Interracial relationships polls

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  in the 1968 poll, 56 of blacks said they approved of black-white unions. This percentage gradually increased by the late 1970s to the mid-60 range and then to the low 70 range in the 1980s and early 1990s. By 1997, three in four blacks approved of interracial marriages, and since 2003, at least 80 have approved. As a result of a hugh number of responses of a previous poll called for black men only--black vs white women, i felt compelled to create a poll for white women regarding interracial relationships. Because this is annonomyous, please be honest with yourselves. This is a poll for my ninth grade speech class about interracial relationships. How many of you are true believers? Do you believe in interracial relationships? 62 (313) yes 25 (127) no 11 (59) depends on the situation 499 voters have answered this question. Princeton, nj -- continuing to represent one of the largest shifts of public opinion in gallup history, 87 of americans now favor marriage between blacks and whites, up from 4 in 1958.   the poll reveals the truly stunning shift in public opinion on the issue of interracial marriage. Via gallup via gallup americans attitudes about interracial marriage have changed dramatically over the past 55 years, moving from the point in the late 1950s when disapproval was well over 90, to the point today when approval is approaching 90.   seventeen percent of white respondents felt interracial marriage was morally wrong, compared with 18 percent of black respondents and 15 percent of.   even though interracial relationships may seem like a common thing in the united kingdom, statistics show that they comprise 7 of all relationships in the country. When it comes to individuals living in the united kingdom who consider themselves as mixed, the figures show 1.

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