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Longest black dick in the world

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Man with worlds longest penis now registered as disabled because of his 18. Roberto esquivel cabrera has just set a world record for having the longest penis. Jonah adam falcon is an american actor and television presenter. He came to international attention in 1999 because of his claim that he has the largest penis in the world, which he claims is 13. However, falcon has not authorized or permitted independent verification of this figure. 54-year-old roberto esquivel cabrera, from saltillo, mexico, has a penis measuring a record-breaking 18. His half-metre penis smashed the record previously believed to have belonged to. Roberto esquivel cabrera claimed to have the worlds biggest penis, measuring a whopping 18. He has spent years stretching his member with weights, while jonahs is all natural. Yes, read it right and now the readers can see it for themselves in this first video of mans longest penis in the world. Jonah falcon was stopped and frisked by the tsa at the san francisco international airport on july 9 because of a bulging package hidden in his pants. But the 41-year-old new yorker wasnt packing a dirty bomb, drugs or a costco-sized tube of toothpaste. The man with the worlds longest penis has rejected the possibility of having a reduction - even if it means abandoning any hope of a normal sex life or having children. The title of biggest penises in the world goes to the democratic republic of the congo, where the average is 7. 1in, while north korea comes bottom of the pile with an average penis size of 3. According to former fling janice dickinson, neeson had the biggest penis of any man alive.

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