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Munchs oysee black ending video

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About video

Soon after the shaman criticizes abe and munch for their poor efforts if they have less than 50 quarma by the end of level 23, this cutscene is shown.   if by the end of level 23, you still have bad quarma, then you will not be able to proceed to the last two levels. Instead, you will recieve a pretty funny ending movie in which abes head is stuffed and mounted on a wall and munchs lungs are given to the glukkon queen. Oddworld munchs oddysee is a 2001 video game, released for the xbox. It is the third game made by oddworld inhabitants, the second chapter of the oddworld quintology, following abes oddysee, and the third overall oddworld game. Originally announced as a title in development for playstation 2, it was instead released exclusively as one of the launch titles for xbox.

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